GeoGebraTube : Applet number code change when editing

jumera shared this problem 6 years ago


When i edit a new worksheet i put on GeoGebraTube

Pencil > Replace Applet > Upload Applet : i choose the same applet on my computer with corrections

Then i save and close

Then, when i embed it, the number is not the same !

(and i have to always change the code on my site grrrrr....)

But perhaps i don't do correctly ?


Edit : i can see dimensions when editing

but i don't see dimensions when i upload for the first time a file (see here...)

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Hi jumera,

thanks for the report! Could you tell me one more time which number it is that changes? Maybe take a screenshot of the "grrrr" part :) I would like to help but I quite don't get the problem here!

Regards, Wolfgang



There was a problem when i write this post, but now it is ok

(it was the HTML Code Embed number)

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