GeoGebraStick allows 3D view

Max shared this question 4 years ago

Hi there!

When I start a notebook with a GeoGebraStick (2017-10-01) without 3D there are both GeoGebra 5.0.x and GeoGebra (Classic) 6.0.x

While the good old Java monster has no option to activate the 3D view as intended, the new one does so. As the usage of the usb drive is an active decision against the exam mode, this can't be the solution.

Do I miss something?

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We can fix this in a new version of the stick. It will take a few weeks, however.



May I use this opportunity to ask if there is any way (script or so) to disable the 3D view in a regular linux installation? I wonder how you do it in the exam environment.

Until 6.0.x there was at least this launch parameter, but that also seems to be gone with the HTML redesign.


Now there are command line options for 6.0. Eventually we can add a command line option that disables 3D.

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