geogebrabook can't find file

RGemberling shared this problem 4 years ago

I am creating a GeoGebrabook for next school year. When I do a search for a file (within my GeoGebra account) so I can add a file to my book, the most recent sketches cannot be located. I can locate sketches with a May 13th date and older but nothing in the last 8 days.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Roger

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Dear Roger Gemberling,

Please provide me with a concrete case(with detailed steps) in which the search doesn't work for you.

These are the cases which should work:

Sign into GeoGebra website.

Go to Resources-> Yours and Click 'New Activity'. You create and save a new activity with the title My newest Activity.

The newly created Activity should appear:

  1. in the Swimlane Resources -> Yours (;Your Activities" as the first card.
  2. on your profile page( under Your resources: as the first card.
  3. In the Search Bar you type: "My newest Activity". The searched activity should appear in the results list.

Best regards,


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