Geogebra web changes font inside all article tags

dqnykamp shared this problem 7 years ago

I hope this can be considered a bug, because I'd like to upgrade to Geogebra 5, but it is messing up pages in which I embed it.

If I switch to the HTML Codebase to 'GeoGebra/HTML5/5.0/web/', then, after a geogebra web page loads, it increases the font size (and also can change the font color, but that's not shown in this example).

In this example, I downloaded a offline worksheet from Geogebra Tube and just added the text at the top. You can see how the text in the article tag gets enlarged.

As you can imagine, this messes up the formatting of other text in page where I embed such an applet.

Is this something easily fixed in Geogebra? Any suggested workarounds? (I suppose I could forgo using the article tag, but that seems extreme....)



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