GeoGebra (v6) unresponsive: can't enter anything

Alasdair shared this problem 2 years ago

Just now I've got myself into a pickle: GeoGebra won't let me enter anything. I can type things into the input bar, but Enter does nothing. Also for Enter on the virtual keyboard. On searching through the forum I can across some references to Alt mode, so I opened up the Input Bar, typed some things in there - and still nothing. I simply can't get any input "into" GeoGebra.

I'm using v6.0.574.0-offline, under Windows 10 Enterprise.

I could always close Geogebra and start again, but that would mean losing everything I've done so far.

I'm pretty sure this started with my trying to use the "Keep Input Tool" in the CAS view, but exactly what I did and how I did it, I have no idea. All I know is that as of now, I can't do anything, either with the keyboard, virtual keyboard, input areas in the CAS or Algebra Views, or in the Input Bar. I can type away in those areas, but I can't Enter what I've typed.

A solution would be very handy! Many thanks.

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