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Sebastian Voß shared this problem 1 year ago


it's really great that the Geogebra Calculator Suite is now available for Windows! While testing it, I noticed a few problems with the exam mode that I would like to report so that hopefully they can be fixed quickly.

1. if I enter something in the graphing calculator, switch to the CAS calculator and start the exam mode there, only the entries in the CAS calculator are deleted - but not the previous entry in the graphing calculator. The Android version of the calculator suite also had this problem at first, but it has since been fixed.

2. after starting the exam mode, you can change the calculator via a dropdown menu in the top bar, but not through the entry "Change calculator" in the main menu (the entry does not work).

After changing calculator through dropdown menu, the bar turns blue and I can't change calculator again. The time continues to run, but I can no longer exit the exam mode.

3. I am working on a Surface Tablet. In exam mode, the swipe gestures to open the Notification Center (swipe over right edge of screen) or the Program and Activity Overview (swipe over left edge of screen) are not caught, so I can fly out of the Geogebra window fairly easily (but this is properly detected and displayed by Geogebra). It would be nice if these gestures could be intercepted. The same applies, if possible, to the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del.

4. on the Surface, one could take off the keyboard for the exam mode to prevent leaving the exam mode by a key combination like Ctrl + Alt + Del. Unfortunately, the Windows on-screen keyboard then constantly opens in Geogebra, covering the Geogebra keyboard. It would be nice if this could also be prevented so that you can work with Geogebra's on-screen keyboard.

I hope I can contribute to this great application by reporting these bugs!

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Thank you for your report! I have looped your post to the developers yesterday :)


Please try the latest version for (1) and (2). Not sure we can help with (3) - we recommend iPad + MDM for high-stakes exams

Please ask here if there's anything else we can improve!

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