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GeoGebra revision history

StephanP shared this question 11 years ago


I notice that there have been quite a number GeoGebra revision releases recently and I am interested in the reasons behind these releases and the improvements they are providing.

Since I have not been able to find anything of that kind on the web, I would like to request that a Revision History be provided on the website or in a closed topic on this forum.


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Thanks for that link, Murrkle.

It looks to me like a bugtracking list.

But I can't seem to find the actual changes/updates in the issued releases, e.g. v4.0.30.0 of April 20, 2012.



there is no convenient way to see the changelog for each version. Your best bet is to combine

with .

The first list will give you the changes, the second list the version numbers. By comparing the numbers you can deduce what changed, e.g. if version X had the number #X and version Y the number #Y (in the second list) everything in the first list with a number between #X and #Y has been changed between version X and Y.




Thanks for the tip Florian, but that may be a bit cumbersome for each release.


Since there appears to be no convenient way, then - particularly in light of the increasing release frequency - maybe one could consider (automatically) generating a (summary) Revision history with each release. Aside from the magnificent issue-tracking system, which has its purposes for the developers and those who reported an issue, a revision history would provide a plain language overview for simple users like me, so that we can decide whether a new release is worth downloading & installing or of a lesser priority.



IMHO: The versions prior to GG4.0 will not be changed anymore. Version 4.0 is the current stable release. It seems to have a bug release weekly for minor bugs, although those releases are becoming less frequent. If you are using the offline version, I would update once a month or less frequently. Otherwise, I would use the Web Start version of 4.0.

Version 4.2 is a beta version that will soon become the stable version, but releases of 4.2 may not always stable (this is stated on the forum where you downloaded it). Version 5.0 is a very early beta (same warning only more so.)

If you must have stability for extended periods, my personal recommendation is to use GG4.0 as an offline installation until you see sufficient updates to update this version. This will need to be a personal solution, I personally use only the webstart versions and do not worry about using the betas on a daily basis (I only update the betas when trying to learn the new features, possibly weekly or bi-weekly.)

BTW, the developers work very hard to only release needed updates. They are very concerned in preventing any update from breaking published applets.

You will need to determine your own schedule for updates, these are my guidelines for use. You need to make your own.


The above is My Personal Opinions.

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