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ivandewinne shared this question 4 years ago
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Dear colleagues

I want to integrate GeoGebra questions and files for (automatic) grading with the GeoGebra Moodle plugin.

Has anyone some experience with this topic?

Is the plugin still maintained and updated?

I know there is a version in Spanish and English....

Is it possible ot translate the comments and the buttons in dutch language.

Thanks in advance

Ivan De Winne

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hi Ivan

what concerns GeoGebra Translate, everything in the tab Moodle is translated into dutch



Interesting news here

The mebis-Bayern team has decided to continue maintaining this plugin. We have made the plugin fit for Moodle 3.11.

If you find another bug or just want to contribute, we are looking forward to your contribution.

You can find the plugin at:

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