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Dear colleagues

I want to integrate GeoGebra questions and files for (automatic) grading with the GeoGebra Moodle plugin.

Has anyone some experience with this topic?

Is the plugin still maintained and updated?

I know there is a version in Spanish and English....

Is it possible ot translate the comments and the buttons in dutch language.

Thanks in advance

Ivan De Winne

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Hi Ivan,

We can collaborate on this. I'll email you separately. But will post my similar question here.

This is what I have gathered.

Documentation at

How to videos

Tom Killoran Edgecomb Community College 23 min; 14 min

Κώστας Κυρίτσης

Basic How to Videos Importing Applet into Moodle Quiz ; How to use Geogebra with Quizzes in Moodle:

I have no problems with the embedding applets into Moodle, but couldn't import plugin qtype_Geogebra plugin into my free moodlecloud site at

username : guest1

password : guest1

For moodlecloud sites, it appears the feature for installing plugins in the site admin block is not available as described in the instructions for installing plugins. I posted in moodle community since last week but had no replies.

Can anyone help?

There's some documentation for advanced users to upload plugin to server but not sure if accessing my moodlecloud site's folders is allowed.





I have noticed that there are several (different) plugin to integrate GeoGebra in Moodle

* Mod GeoGebra

This module allows the incorporation of GeoGebra activities in Moodle and save its state.

NO LONGER Maintained by /f2?rev=1 Projectes TAC Dept. Ensenyament Catalunya

Last version release 17 june 2016 Moodle 2.7



The GeoGebra question type plugin allows teachers to set up questions

which can be solved and automatically checked using GeoGebra.

This question type also supports randomization of the applet and

automatic and manual grading.


Adds the ability to directly edit and submit a GeoGebra applet in an Assignment.

Teacher can view or download the applet directly in Moodle.

These versions were no longer updated by Projectes TAC Dept. Ensenyament Catalunya (Moodle 2.7)

After reading your message, i have checked if there is a new updated version for Moodle 3.2 (also 3.3) these plugins.

On my website I have installed Moodle 3.2

I could install the newest (??) version of the GeoGebra q-type plugin, but I have also an administrator role (more then a teacher in Moodle, who can only manage courses)

I suppose that someone needs to install the plugin on your website...

I know that it is possible to add a geogebra question in a Moodle quiz, but I don't know if this is possible in a lesson (where you can add other questions)

kind regards

Ivan De Winne


Hi Ivan,

Thanks for your reply and the info. In I used Moodle's HTML editor and embedded Geogebra applets from the Geogebra Materials site using the iframe method.

Is your site set up on your own using paid hosting? Yes, I think in that case using the administrator role, it is possible to install plugins following the guide. Not so for the free moodlecloud I am using, mainly to trial ideas.

Thanks again for your sharing! Your site is quite comprehensive!

Do feel free to use or modify the multiple choice quizzes and contact me if you have queries.

Best Regards,


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