GeoGebra keeps altering my algorithms

Morten Carlsen shared this problem 1 year ago
Not a Problem

Hi There,

I use GeoGebra a lot to visualize OpenGL Code.

I have this huge problem and dont understand why GeoGebra keeps doing it.

I write i.e

1 - exp(-x*6)

When I click the algorithm again GeoGebra has turned it in to

1- e^(-x*6)

I am aware that the result is identical but I NEED it to NOT happen.

My question is this. Where can I turn off this feature ?

and why is it there in the first place (Dont mean that as a being angry but I am interested in understanding why the app so desperately want to alter the exp function.



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I think that you can’t turn if off.

I’m asking the devs to confirm, though.

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