Image transfer between GeoGebra and Texpad Latex editor in Ipad Air2

shankha shared this question 4 years ago
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I am using GeoGebra IOS version for drawing.

Also using texpad ( - paid version) Latex editor for IOS.

IOS - IPad Air 2 latest IOS version

Now the biggest problem I am facing when I draw some image - in GeoGebra - where I can store the image (Except dropbox and cloud storage) so that - this can be accessed via Other application Like texpad Latex editor.

I can transfer the image from GeoGebra to texpad Latex editor Via Internet connection and dropbox , which is really irritating for me still have 100 GB space in my Ipad Air 2

Please help me - regarding the Image transfer in this case with out Net and dropbox connectivity.

Thank you

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