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Agustin Moscoso shared this question 2 years ago

Hi all, this is my first post on this forums. I´ve moved from GG5 classic to GG6 classic and I still find v5 way much clearer and NOT annoying. I think the way that GUI on v5 is spread and organized is much better than v6. Buttons get in the way and even you can bring back the input bar but you cannot change position on v6. I would like to have all the options that I had on v5 on the next update if possible. Or a better layout. I don´t know. It is my personal opinion, so I can be the only one that does not like the latest layout.

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All depend on the way you want tu use GG. GG6 has a comfortable look that correspond with the GUI of other devices and works very well for common use in which you don't constantly use menu's, change views etc.

GG5 is still popular among developers who like flexible dialogs, longer input bars for extended conditions etc. and don't bother about about the difference of the layout between phone app and GG5 Classic.

Both point of view are fine, that's why as well GG5 and GG6 are supported. Use the version you line the most.


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