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dbelavic shared this question 5 years ago


Is there any possibility to see all assignments of just one student?

When I check assignments of one student, and when I click Complete I am automatically transferred to another student. But I would like to check all assingnments of just one student.

Is there possibility to do so?

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You could use the left and right arrows at the top center of the page to navigate through all worksheets of one student, that are in the same assignment.

To get an overview over all students and tasks, please use the grid view in the feedback tab.

Unfortunately the behavior of the Complete button cannot be configured. It will always move on to the next student.


Yes, in a way I meant on the behaviour of the Complete button.

But Thanks for mentioning left and right arrows at the top.

I have few students who are very active and they finish tasks way before other students so when I'm completing their tasks I'm always moved to next student who isn't finish taks. And there is always back button... ;( It's slowing me down a bit.

Maybe to consider in some of the next update to make it possible for viewing and checking all assignments for just one student.


I am having same "trouble".



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