Geogebra freezes if "typing precursor" of a definition being entered is computationally intensive

Szczepan Hołyszewski shared this problem 2 years ago
Not a Problem

First, lets define a term: typing precursor. A typing precursor of a definition D is a valid definition distinct from D that will appear in the definition editor widget while you are typing in definition D.

As you type, whenever the input is momentarily a valid definition, GeoGebra tries to evaluate it.

This is a bit of a problem if the intended definition has a typing precursor that is very computationally intensive. This results in GeoGebra effectively freezing, necessitating a restart.

Consider the following definitions:

N = 109288043
remainders = Sequence((k,Mod(N,k)),k,1,floor(sqrt(N)))
s = 8000

Now let's draw a parabola through 3 members of the remainders sequence near s. We intend to input the following definition:

parabola = Polynomial(remainders(s), remainders(s+1), remainders(s+2))
This however has the following typing precursor:

parabola = Polynomial(remainders)

... aaaaand GeoGebra immediately goes away to compute a polynomial through 10K+ points! How crazy is that?

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The following command :

parabola = Polynomial(remainders)

will try to built a polynomial curve with the 10454 points within the list "remainder" so it is a huge work to do and then your computer will freeze !!!!

I am not surprise.



Well of course, that is the problem. Geogebra shouldn't be doing this. Don't try computing the definition while the user is still entering it. It makes no sense.


I see that this is now marked as "Not a problem". Who marked it so? Why? The only response I got was from Seror who simply restated the problem.


Still waiting for answer as to WHY this was marked as "not a problem". This is definitely a problem. It causes geogebra to freeze indefinitely. It causes lost work. It should be fixed.


There are three possible developer approaches to application crashes and freezes:

  1. Prioritize fixing crash and freeze bugs.
  2. Implement the autosave feature requested by dozens upon dozens of users for years upon years.
  3. Don't give a damn.

It would seem that GeoGebra authors chose option 3.

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