Geogebra dosen't change from Rad to degree

rasmusoeh shared this question 3 years ago

I have tried changing my graf setting from Rad to degrees, in geogebra it always said it was degree but kept giving me the wrong answer over and over again, and nothing canges when i switch between Rad and Degree,

In my example which i gave up in geogebra i tried inserting, y = x * sin(180/x)

Which should look like this in degree (Made in Desmos graph tool)


But instead geogebra keep giving me this, which defently isn't in degrees2f71514f202a6b7a1cc55df0f84fc40a

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The setting in degrees shows angles as degrees and calculates goniometric values as sin(x) starting from degrees but doesn't turn every number in to an angle. So there's a difference between y=x*sin(180°/x) and y=x*sin(180/x) since in it 180 without ° is regarded as a numerical factor just as in sin (2 x). The first option gives you the graph you're looking for over and over again.

But 180 is regarded as an angle in calculating sin (180) which gives 0 as a result even without typing °.


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