GeoGebra doesnt start

Nemetz Alex shared this question 2 years ago

Hey guys I use Geogebra 6 and it worked fine but since today i cant open it. When i click on the program it starts but the window is invisible and i cant do anything. I tried different versions, reinstalling and shutting down my laptop. Nothing worked!! PLs i need your help! I have tomorrow a math exam and we need to use GeoGebra 6 (5 works fine)! Also i have an Mac and not Windows

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If you are on a Mac,

Uninstall GeoGebra and then also:

  • Open Finder
  • Hold down Alt (Option) and choose Go from the dropdown menu bar at the top of the screen
  • You will see the ~/Library folder
  • Go to the following folders and search for subfolders which are connected to GeoGebra 6.
  • Search for GeoGebra folders in Application Support, Saved Application State, Preferences and Caches.
  • Delete these GeoGebra folders and install GeoGebra Classic 6 again.

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