Geogebra does not appear in my Windows 10 app list

elprofedematesss shared this question 2 years ago
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Hi. I have a really annoying problem: i need to install GeoGebra Classic 6 in my Windows 10, as a requirement for my job. I have downloaded the installation file and it works fine. But when i close the program, i can´t find it in the windows start button. I have looked for the installation folder everywhere (in the user folder, in the Program Files folder, in the Program Files (x86) folder) and it does not appear anywhere.

I tried installed it again so it could run, and then saved a file in the desktop (so i could double click it and oten the program) but the file did not get associated to GeoGebra and it didn´t work.

Even in the searching tool besides the windows button, the program is not listed when i look for it.

The program does appear in the list of installed apps, but it does not help since the only option there is to uninstall.

Please, Help!!!!!

Thank You!

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