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Hi, this is my first post here so i hope i make myself clear enough about my problem. I've tried searching for similar problems but couldn't solve it alone, so here it goes...

I've created two simple activities about fractions for my students, problem is that i can't see changes made by my students in one of them (1st one works just fine).

#1 activity - i can see every change made by students in my classroom view

student view, teacher view

-> this one works and i can see every change they make

2nd activity in same classroom has sync error problem

student view, teacher view

-> i dont see any changes made by student because of some sort of sync error, showing me that student hasn't even started the task

both activities are made public and withing the same classroom

Classroom link (task 2 and task 3)

I've tried working both as guest (just entering nickname) and loging in with geogebra account, both situations yield the same error.

any ideas about why this error keeps occurring?

Thanks!, Petar

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Hi Petar,

Can you please send the link to the original resource? (the one you created the class from)

Thanks, Tanja


The one that syncs properly

The one that doesnt

Cheers, Petar


Thanks Petar.

For me, both work fine in Classroom.

I also joined your class as "tanja - test from forum", and for me everything was saved. I worked on task 2,3 and 4 - can you see my answers?

Can you try it again? Maybe it was a temporary problem.

Which browser are you using?


I can see your work, I've tried again and everything works properly now! I guess it was a temporary problem, but i dont know what caused it (after i posted questions i had problems with couple of more activites syncing, but everything works now)

Version 90.0.4430.93 (Official Build) (64-bit) -> my browser, but it wasnt just local problem since my students had the same issue.


I am glad that it works now. We also did some improvements due to some connection problems. Maybe this solved also your issue.

Have fun with using Classroom! :-)

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