Geogebra Classic V6 macOS - Discards Non Saved Data - DATALOSS

Morten Carlsen shared this problem 2 years ago
In Progress

Do this

1) Launch the latest greatest Geogebra V6 Classic on macOS 10.14

2) Work for 6 hours and do great work

3) Go to file menu and hit open to open another Geogebra Document you saved yesterday.

Result = One is presented with a nice open dialog. But what one does NOT know is that now all ones data is LOST... After opening the document the old doc is gone. Work which took students hours to create.

It is 2018 and one can only have ONE document open at a time ? Version 5 allowed for 10s of docs at the same time...

Could you please fix this ?

PS - on macOS the modifier key is command and NOT ctrl. No Mac user will ever expect i.e undo to be ctrl+z but cmd+z

This app could be so great if you got all the little things right... I wonder when I go to sleep how you can manage to create such an amazing app and mess up the most simple stuff of all and thus make this app taste really really bad.... This is a riddle that I and many I know using Geogebra ask ourselves every time we launch it...

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