GeoGebra Classic on iPad: EOL!?

kretzschmar shared this question 2 years ago
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there have been several replies to CAS-View issues in the IOS-App of Geogebra Classic like "Sorry, we won't be making any more changes to the Classic CAS View." (And the last relevant update of the app was on Mar 13, 2019). It seems to me, that Geogebra Classic (on iPad) is EOL; please confirm!

We have been using Geogebra Classic for 3.5 years, now, in class, exams and final exams. Issues/bugs like the flawed zoom function using pinch gestures since IOS 13 or the long-term problem, that sometimes, enter does not evaluate commands, force us to replace Geogebra Classic, because we have 3-years projection period.

btw Geogebra CAS is no suitable replacement:

  • derivatives of binary functions cannot be used as binary functions, again.
  • results of calculations using matrices are shown as lists of lists
  • no vector analysis & analytic geometry, i.e. no planes
  • no probability-module
  • no standalone for macOs, Windows & Linux

Kind regards!

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