GeoGebra Classic 6.0.511 macOS Unusable Auto Parenthesis

Morten Carlsen shared this problem 2 years ago
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How could you let this enourmous BUG stay in a new update.

Your app is simply is simply put NOT capable of correctly closing or opening parentheis..

Simple example

f(x) = ln(x*2.72)+3

I want to do this in a re edit but it is impossible

f(x) = ( ln(x*2.72)+3 )

Geogebra wont let me...

Entering the closing parenthesis geogebra does this

( f(x) = ln(x*2.72)+3 )

Entering the beginning parenthesis geogebra does this

f(x) = (ln)(x*2.72)+3

it does not take a 1st grade math pupil to see that this is a BIG Problem...

U claim that this app is used by millions of students world wide...

HOW is that possible without being able to group expressions ???

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If you select the sub-expression you want (with <Shift>Arrows) then press "(" it will do what you want


Correct that works inside the input sitting in the Algebra view.... However, if you use the "other" input menu on the bottom side of the app that does not work. In fact if you select a sub-expression and hit "(" it will delete the selection. And since that input bar does not adhere to undo then this too is devasting.. BTW I remember reporting about two years back that UNDO does not work inside the input bar.... Is that impossiuble to fix ? Reason I ask is that Geogebra is about the only app that cannot undo deletion of text in a text input field


> the "other" input menu on the bottom side of the app that does not work

That's the (very) old Input Bar so going forward we won't be changing anything relating to that


> That's the (very) old Input Bar

If that input bar is somehow 'old' and legacy cruft that no programmer will touch, if I'm reading that comment correctly, then why even allow input in that section at all if all it does is frustrate and distract from the other option (far from in the forefront of accessibility) in the Settings menu?


Anyway, there is a problem with texts and auto parenthesis

How do you create those texts in the input bar..? (old or new) (GeoGebra 5 or 6)

texte1="i am happy :)"
texte2="i am disappointed :("

When programming with Python for example, auto parenthesis exist but we can write

print ( "i am happy :)")

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