Geogebra classic 6.0.414.0 for linux command line broken

Michael Ward shared this question 2 years ago

Once the /usr/chare/application/geogebra-classic.desktop file is modified so that Exec=geogebra-classic is modified to include %f at the end, the application shows up in menu system and will pass the file name to /usr/bin/geogebra-classic.

After /usr/bin/geogebra-classic is modified frpm "exec /usr/share/geogebra-classic/GeoGebra" to /usr/share/geogebra-classic/GeoGebra $*, the command line parameters will be passed to /usr/share/geogebra-classic/GeoGebra.

However, /usr/share/geogebra-classic/GeoGebra is a binary file and does not seem to use them (certainly not as described).

Is there any way to make /usr/share/geogebra-classic/GeoGebra take a local .ggb file and start up on it?


- Mike

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Yes, please try it again. Now we implemented this feature. geogebra-classic --help gives you more options.

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