Geogebra Classic 5 vs 6

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I read somewhere (the post was about 2 years ago) that Geogebra 6 is slower and does not have everything that Classic 5 has.

Is that still true today?

Is Geogebra 5 still being updated/upgraded now?

I have Geogebra 5 now and if the difference between Geogebra 6 and 5 is that 6 is cloud-based whereas 5 is launched from an app installed on your desktop, I would prefer to stick to 5.

Thank you!

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It's not. Just try yourself. Bugs in GG5 are still repaired however when new featured are introduced it's nog garanteed to function in GG5, like the smart input bar of GG6 with e.g. the built-in feature to show the 'special points' without having to construct them in seperate commands.

Of course the choice is all yours.



Thank you, @ccambre for your reply!

Would you know if the Classic 6 download come with 3D Graphics too or must I also download the 3D Graphics Calculator?

I work at a school where all software downloads must be put through our IT department and I just want to make sure I send them all the download instructions in one go rather than have to go back to them again.

Thank you!


GeoGebra Classic version is the most complete of all: it has 2 graphics views 2D, one graphics view 3D, the CAS view for symbolic calculations, the spreadsheet, and the probability calculator

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