Geogebra CAS crashes on certain expression

Sebastian Voß shared this problem 2 years ago
Not a Problem


in the PlayStore Reviews I noticed a simple expression that leads Geogebra CAS to crash: (10000/8000)^(1/3)

This seems to happen only in the Android version of Geogebra CAS. I also tried the Windows version and the web app of CAS and also the graphing calculator, but all of them calculate the correct result.

So i guess, it will be easy to fix :-)

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Does it also crash for you in the beta version?


Unfortunately yes. I plaed a little bit more and I noticed:

2^(1/2) -> works

2^(1/3) -> crash

2^(1/4) -> works

2^(1/5) -> crash

2^(1/6) -> works

2^(1/7) -> crash

There seems to be a pattern... I hope that helps!


Sorry, it may be something specific to your device then

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