GeoGebra CAS Calculator iPad delivers sliders not symbolic results

lekrul shared this problem 4 years ago
In Progress

Integral(e^(a x),x) results in sliders, not a symbolic expression as it should be for CAS.

Is this its purpose? I thought CAS should deliver symbolic results when more variables are treated. Sliders are misleading, as one might want to use the symbolic results for further investigations.

Had to edit my posting, as I misunderstood what happened. Sorry for that.

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This is a first version, we will make many improvements in the future!


The new CAS Calculator App is the long awaited app to finally get rid of the overpriced GTR / CAS handheld. For the use in the Abiturprüfung in NRW (Germany) this app (hopefully) has all functions that are required. That is still to be checked. What has been noticed so far is that no arbitrary variables can be defined (see above). It would be great if this could be completed in time.Many thanks for the really great work.

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