geogebra can not export html

ah33d shared this question 6 years ago

how are you?

can you help me please

i cant export my work as html ???

when i tray to export the geogebra go to website of geogebra

what is the problem


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indeed, in earlier versions of GeoGebra the option 'export as html' gave you directly the code to paste into a website. Due to growing difficulties with java, blocked by servers and browsers, GeoGebraTube was created, based on html5.

Export as html leads you to GeoGebraTube, to upload the file. There you still can choose the option 'embed' to get the hrml-code of the file and paste it into a website. Result is tha you can exchange files between different types of devices and platforms, with no problems of blocking the java.

Just try it, and you'll see it works fine and faster than the 'old' way.




There you still can choose the option 'embed' to get the html-code...

Such a fantastic feature permits also the following adaption:

    // Embed link

    <iframe scrolling="no" src="; width="1024px" height="637px" style="border:0px;"> </iframe>

    // String extraction: iframe replaced by show

Catching only a piece of code to attach, for instance, into an email. Cheers

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