Geogebra Apps in Windows Store; Exam Mode

Sebastian Voß shared this problem 3 years ago


i am using Geogebra on a Surface Pro with Windows 10 and i want to mention some issus, that i got with Geogebra Apps from the Windows Store.

1) Graphing Calculator (Version 6.0.542.0-win (07 June 2019)

- I am not able to export the graphing window as a picture. If i take that option nothing happens.

- I cannot start the exam mode properly. When i start it by pressing "start", the menu gets green, but the window in the front doesn't disappear (see attachment). I can press "abbrechen", but in that case the exam mode seems to stop. The menu bar stays green though. Also there is no prompt to get into flight mode.

2) Classic 6 (Version 6.0.542.0-win (07 June 2019)

- Same issue for the export as picture function.

The exam mode works, but i don't get a prompt to get into flight mode either.


Everything works well with Geogebra Classic 6, that i installed by the installer (Version 6.0.559.0 17 September 2019). But i don't get a prompt to get into flight mode either. Isn't it necessary on Win10, too?

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Thanks, we'll check the image export.

Have you tried Kiosk Mode for the exam?


Sorry for answering so late - i somehow forgot it. Thank you for your hint to the kiosk mode. As long as our pupils have no external keyboard attached, they have no possibility to escape the exam mode - great!

Unfortunately the described problem with the exam mode for the graphing calculator still remains. But i think, we will use the kiosk mode from now on.

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