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bennettmtsd shared this question 2 years ago

I know this question has been asked before and I have read the threads.

I was able to share/post an GeoGebra activity to Google Classroom.

The students do no have a turn in button.

message at the bottom of the activity read

"requested entity not found"

The students are on a chrome book.

Amy suggestions?

We refreshed the page, logged in again, I even released the activity a second time.

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Thank you, looped to the Support Team.


We are sorry to hear you are having some GeoGebra to Google Classroom workflow issues.

These quick videos address the most common issues teachers have been experiencing.

Note: If you already know how to create a Google Classroom assignment from a GeoGebra activity, you can skip (1) and go directly to (2).

  1. How to create Google Classroom assignments from GeoGebra activities. (You can ignore the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum context here. What you see here applies to any public GeoGebra activity you find).

  1. How to NOT get those GeoGebra to Google Classroom workflow issues.

  1. TURN IN button not appearing in Google Classroom? Here could be another reason why.

Wishing you and your students much success!

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