GeoGebra 6 "Show view in new window"

tush shared this question 3 years ago

In GeoGebra 5 there is in option to take one of the Views (Graphics 2, CAS, spreadsheet etc.) in a seperate window.

There is a small button for it at the top right corner.

Is it possible to seperate one of the Views to a different window in GeoGebra 6?

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No, there is no such thing (unfortunately).

It has often been wished/discussed and is (probably) not feasible for reasons of compatibility between the different platforms.


Just got up to date after a year without my computer.

Without this option, working in GGB is no longer feasible for me.

When managing a large geometric construction, I need the main viewport available for the construction, and use floating panels for at least Construction Protocol, Algebra and Properties. With the addition of the 3D view I use separate 2D windows for slices (visible to user), hidden navigation controls, etc.

Final constructions often require multiple floating windows to be comprehensible.

So.... can you (rami) say a little about what would prevent floating panels between platforms? I still use Geogebra5 and it doesn't seem to know there is a problem.


All statements without guarantee of accuracy and completeness:

  • GGB 5 always runs locally on a desktop (Win10, IOS or linux(?)) and has a proprietary graphics interface.
  • GGB 6 always runs in an HTML5 environment (local or remote) (any operating system/hardware)
  • It seems to me that the current development focuses strongly on smartphones (IOS, Android) (use for students)


I personally still use GGB 5 and I hope that this version will remain compatible and preserved for a long time.

I use the smartphone only to make phone calls, for messages, to navigate and make Photos/Videos

I can't imagine that I want to create GGB applications with a smartphone (however, using ready-made applications is (partly) feasible)


Just wanted to add that I was using GG5 on my tablet as well. floating panels only become more important with less space. If I have to use the HTML interface now on my tablet, I'm done working there.

The transition to HTML has caused me quite a number of headaches and I don't see any speed or functionality improvement. There are, however, a number of profound usability regressions. That could just be a naive observation.

Taking the long view, for me, the losses of functionality moving to HTML have been crippling. There appears to be no plan to restore that functionality. The Geogebra team used to tell me they shared my worksheets worldwide. Now I am stuck praying for the retention of an old version. Many of my online worksheets are broken, and not for the first time.

Something is amiss here. Good game developers have no problem making transparency, floating panels, and live 3D work efficiently on my mobile device. I don't understand what the plan is.

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