GeoGebra 6: object edition should be locked when tools from the tool bar are being used

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With the arrival of GeoGebra 6 to desktop computers, the GUI has experienced some changes compared to previous versions. One of them is the objetc edition capability not being locked when you select an object from the algebra view, despite the current active tool is not 'select and move'. As a consequence, with version 6 you are unable to perform tasks like the following:

  • Create points A and B, then choose the 'vector' tool and create vector AB by clicking points A and B in the algebra view (when you do, GeoGebra 'believes' you want to edit points A and B, and the vector is not created).
  • Copy an object's visual style with the corresponding tool by cliking the 'origin' object and the 'destination' objects in the algebra view.

A kind of workaround is clicking the big blue dots located to the left of the corresponding objects, but this make them to become hidden (or revealed again, if they were previously hidden).

Being able to use the algebra view for this purposes is a very useful feature, especially if the construction you are developing has several objects, in which case selecting the objects from the graphics view can be hard (just consider, for example, when you have overlapping objects).

Using: GeoGebra 6.0.445.0-offline (14 march 2018)

OS: Antergos Linux (a linux distro based on Arch Linux)

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You can click in the row header (ie just next to the "marble")

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