Geogebra 5 vs. 6: Algebra Window and Speed

rgoldrich shared this question 2 years ago

I have two issues whereby Geogebra version 6 seems to have regressed slightly from version 5. But perhaps I am missing something, so I would appreciate being set straight.

1. The algebra window in version 5 was displayed in a very nice/compact fashion -- in most cases one line of text per definition. However version 6 is far more spaced out, allowing far less to be displayed in the window (even when only, say, the definition of each object is displayed). Is there any way to revert to the version 5 style of doing business.

2. Performance. Version 6 seems positively sluggish relative to version 5, and I consistently find myself waiting for the program to react. I'm using Windows 7 (not using the latest PC hardware). The degredation seems rather drastic. Is this common? Is there something that I might be missing?

Thanks very much!

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1) You can change "Algebra Descriptions" in Settings to eg "Value"

2) Yes, GeoGebra 5 Classic is faster

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