[GeoGebra 5 Classic] Why the spaces around "π" and "ℯ"?

Alexander Perl shared this question 1 year ago

I noticed that if you enter the mathematical constants "π" and "ℯ", GeoGebra creates completely unnecessary spaces around these.

For example, if you try to enter "3*ℯ^(5+π)" you get "3* ℯ ^(5+ π )" instead.

This is not only ugly, but also counterintuitive. If you want to format a calculation, you would usually add extra distances in such a way that they are

  1. consistent with operator precedence and
  2. symmetric.

In the above example, this would be something more like "3 * ℯ^(5 + π)".

Please remove the unnecessary and irritating auto-created spaces!

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The spaces are to help with the difference between eg



π θγα
We won't be making cosmetic changes like this to GeoGebra 5 any more; please upgrade to GeoGebra Classic 6

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