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I am using Geogebra 4 and 5.0 beta(4.9) on UBUNTU.

I like it very much, and I want to recomend it to some schoolkids, I am helping with math.

But they are using Windows.

Is there a way to give them an off-line Geogebra 5.0-beta installer for their laptops?

They are very buzy, so I can not persuade them to learn UBUNTU right now.

Please don't disappoint me saying, it is not for Windows?

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As you know GeoGebra 5 is not yet finished. So there are not installer for every operating-system.

But the Webstart-Version works pretty good. So tell you kids, to go to the this page

and klick on the name of the jnlp-file.

Or you can give them directly the link to this file.



There are some portable versions here:

If you want the latest version, you just need to download all the .jar files too.


From now on we will provide an updated Windows installer as well, you can download it from (GeoGebra-Windows-Installer-4-9-59-0.exe).

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