GeoGebra 5.0.209 - Defaults Not Remembering Interval when Saved

Morten Carlsen shared this problem 5 years ago

1) Go to Main Menu > Options > Advanced

2) Choose Preferences - Default and click on 'Slider' in the side list.

3) Click the 'Slider' tab

4) Set your Min/Max/Increment Defaults AND set Width to i.e. 600 (Anything THAN default value will do)

5) Go to Go to Main Menu > Options and choose 'Save Settings'

6) Quit Geogebra

Expected Result

1) Once GeoGebra is relaunched that when creating a new slider that the defaults written in above steps be saved

2) That when entering the options that the settings made above would be remembered

Actual Result

Only the Width (Set to 600px) have been remembered - The Min/Max/Interval have been returned to app defaults of Min: -5 / Max: 5 / Interval: Empty


I create A LOT of sliders and use them extensively. It is a royal pain to have to re-enter those values every time I create a slider... A fix would be great !



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Thanks for the report, will be fixed in 5.0.214.


Some translation problems remain... The attached image show Hungarian (?) status labels in an otherwise English e-mail...

(sorry for de-railing the thread).

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