Geogebra 5.0.209 - Constant Crashes in CAS Mode - Severity: DataLoss

Morten Carlsen shared this problem 5 years ago


Using the CAS Mode - especially if dis[laying the Functions in the Graph

Geogebra crashes constantly and that within minutes of operation.

I have never brought Geogebra to crash in Algebra Mode.

I am attaching the Crash Log

Thanks for a fix

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Please can you post exactly what you typed in?


Hi Michael,

thx for chiming in !

I was doing an integral of the following >

1 - (1 - (1 - Integral[ln(x)] - 1))^pOne

pOne denoting a Slider which I was moving about at the time of the crash...

I was viewing the Plot (Graph) live while moving the slider.

This issue also occurs without sliders at random it seems. But with this particular bug report and enclosed file I was doing what I just described...

-- Best



I can't see the problem here, please can you post your .ggb file?

Are there any particular values of the slider that always go wrong?


It doesn't really matter which document it is. I can repro this in any new document all the time..

1) Create New Doc

2) open CAS

3) Enter i.e. the formula above

4) Click the little icon on the left side to plot the graph

5) Assign a slider Min 0 Max 50 increment 0.000001

6) Start moving the slider and watch the graph change

On my computer it is but a matter of time before Geogebra crashes. (I can repro this on two different computers running El Capitan)

If you still need the file I can try and create a new one and repro and send that to you.


Yes, please upload your file.

Are there any particular values that don't work? ie instead of making a slider, type

  1. pOne = 1.23


I will try and do one tonight or tomorrow...

In regards to values that aren't working...

If I write the identical formula into the Algebra View and disregard (don't write in CAS) using the same slider I can move it about until Xmas 2017 and the app won't crash... I have been using Geogebra for quite a while doing LOTs of algebra-mode / slider based graphs. And not ONCE have I been able to crash the app. As soon as I do the same in CAS mode the app won't last for 5 minutes without crashing



testing this i got:

Calculation too long and the calculation was aborted

then it crashes

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