GeoGebra 4.4 Released, and GeoGebraTube HTML5 news

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We have some exciting announcements for you:

* GeoGebra 4.4 has been released. The main change is that the CAS View is much better & faster. More information in the release notes.

* On 1st December, we switched GeoGebraTube to “HTML5 preferred”. This means that we will display materials using our HTML5 applets by default where possible, and deliver Java applets only for older browsers (like Internet Explorer 8 ). There are a few advanced things that are not fully supported in our HTML5 applets yet (e.g. some LaTeX commands), so please check your GeoGebraTube worksheets. If you need help updating your worksheets, please ask in the forum.

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Dear friends,

let me explain why we have decided to remove offline applet export from GeoGebra 4.4.

Short answer:

* We recommend using GeoGebraTube as it's the best way to share GeoGebra materials (see details below)

* If you need offline GeoGebra materials (e.g. for a presentation), you can either use ggb files or download an offline package of a worksheet or GeoGebraBook from GeoGebraTube

Long answer:

Based on my experience from creating GeoGebra worksheets for websites and from hundreds of presentations about GeoGebra, I came to the conclusion that our old way of exporting local offline Java worksheets from the GeoGebra desktop application has led to many dead worksheets on many servers on the Internet. Thus, I have decided to force myself and our users to think twice before creating offline worksheets as an online platform is a much better way to make sure GeoGebra worksheets are delivered with up-to-date technology and work not just now but also in the future.

We should put all our worksheets on GeoGebraTube because ...

* it is very likely that offline worksheets won't work anymore at some point in the future because the current GeoGebra version XYZ will very likely become incompatible with some new technology on some new computer/browser/tablet in the future - because even we at GeoGebra don't know yet what the future will bring ;-). This has happened already to a lot of old GeoGebra worksheets using our offline exported Java (jar) files on users' web servers out there. Of course, these worksheets could be revived by updating them to the latest GeoGebra version, however in reality, many people don't do that because it is tedious. Just recently, I discovered that most of the Java worksheets I had created in a big online lesson project 7 years ago are not working anymore. Actually, our solution was to upload all worksheets to GeoGebraTube and embed them into the old html pages. Now, the GeoGebra developers will make sure that these worksheets continue to work in the future.

* GeoGebraTube is the best way to share your worksheets with students and other teachers (workshops, presentations). In the past, I used to zip all my presentations including ggb files and worksheets (html + jar files) an put them online somewhere for teachers. However, this was probably never very useful for most people because it's hard to use hundreds of ggb and html files from somebody else. With GeoGebraTube, every single worksheet is stored in a database with descriptions, tags, can be combined to GeoGebraBooks, and most importantly: each worksheet and GeoGebraBook has its own web address. Thus, other people can find and reuse this web-address much more easily than my zip files. If you want to use GeoGebra materials in a presentation or classroom where you don't have Internet access, you can download an offline zip package of your worksheets from GeoGebraTube as well.

* GeoGebraTube helps you to stay much more organized. With my old offline presentations, I kept copying ggb files from folder to folder. In the end, I had hundreds of duplicates of the same or very similar constructions in different folders using different offline GeoGebra versions where some of them still worked with the latest Java version and some of them didn't. With GeoGebraTube this situation is much better: I can find my constructions easily and just link to them from my presentations. When I need to make a change to a construction, I can do so online at the GeoGebraTube website without any file handling at all and all my presentations using this construction are up to date! In addition, this worksheet will also continue to work on tablets and other devices in the future, so I don't need to worry about any technical updates anymore.

Speaking about GeoGebraTube: actually it may bring back offline worksheets in a much more powerful way in the future. We are planning to extend the GeoGebra desktop application into a direction where it can automatically synchronize your own files with GeoGebraTube (e.g. your own worksheets and GeoGebraBooks). Then you will have all your private, shared, and public GeoGebra constructions both online and offline on all your devices.

Best wishes,


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