Geogebra 3D Grapher App Scripting functions not working(and

merlin2v shared this question 1 year ago

I have downloaded the latest version of the Geogebra 3D Grapher.

some of the scripting functions don't appear to be doing anything.




these are some of the functions that I have tried.

Is the 3D Graphing app not stand-alone?

does it require the other geogebra apps to be installed?

Or does the 3D Graphing App not support some scripting functions?

It doesn't flash any messages like the invalid input, or the not a command.

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What are you trying to do exactly? Those commands don't seem relevant to the 3D View


I want to be able to make and run a script by pressing a button however Currently I do not see any button. I would think that if the button could show up in the 2D Graphing App then you should be able to get a similar result with the 3D App. I would at least expect a warning from the app stating that the functions are not supported and/or in the documentation, however I don't see anything nor am I getting any expected results.


Buttons have to go in the 2D View. If you want more than one view, you'll need to install GeoGebra Classic or use it online

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