Future of GeoGebra Classic?

Max shared this question 3 years ago

Hi there!

First of all, this is a general question about GeoGebra and not affiliated with a problem or so.

I haven't payed much attention to GeoGebra in the past two years, In the meantime many thing seem to have changed. I love the new look and that I finally can ban Java from my notebook. :)

The last time I used it was version 5.0.x and therefore there was only one option. Now besides I see it split in different applications - and the classic one. I'm not yet clear about which use case these split apps have. I for one always loved that GeoGebra has such a variety of tools bundled, which made it the only tool I need.

To come to my question(s): What's the reason it splitting this components? And how does the future of the all-in-one a.k.a. classic version looks like? For me, classic sounds a bit like it will be abandoned with GeoGebra 7 or so, which would be sad.

I haven't found a blog post or wiki article about this.

Kind regards!

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