Further clarifications in Zip command

bennyjacob shared this question 2 years ago

In the attached gbb file how the intervals from iota to rho to be set so that the shaded region would not be lost when I move B towards A or A towards B beyond the intersection point of the curves.

How can I include two lists in a single Zip command. For instance I wanted to do so in the lists from alpha. How can I include both lists xL01 and h in a single zip command? Please help me to modify zip commands from alpha to theta.

I made the zip commands from alpha to theta to get the regions out of the inequalities defined in them. Is there any way to generalize and simplify this without losing the shaded region.

Also, I request you to verify xL03. Will I get this without any error when I change f and g to some other functions? Is there any simplified way to define the list xL03 without defining GLBa, LUBa, GLBb, LUBb and their associated lists xL02 and xL03?

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