function not working

Avərəs shared this problem 2 years ago
Not a Problem

The function f(x) works

f(x) = x + 2

a = f(6) = 8

and this equation here works

{{cos(pi/2),0,sin(pi/2)},{0,1,0},{-sin(pi/2),0,cos(pi/2)}} * Vector(3,4,2) = Vector(2,4,-3)

But this function doesn't work

R(x) = {{cos(x),0,sin(x)},{0,1,0},{-sin(x),0,cos(x)}}

v = R(pi/2) * Vector(3,4,2) = Vector(?,?,?)

can someone tell me why it wont work or how to fix it?

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I have a workaround in CAS

see Matrixfunktion...

in cas use definition :=

packed in take(matrix,firstrow,lastrow)

and closed with keep input

no other way...

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