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Is there a way to produce the following diagram using Geogebra?:2434ff35fae1484aa44045eac2e1da36

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hi, maybe this can look like what you showed.

FIrst I made myself easy by changing the xy ratio so I could work with circles instead of ellipses.

I used half circles and circular arcs. The most tricky things are the arrows. Since vectors are linear you have to use points. With pointstyle you have some possibilities to look like arrows.

For the texts you can use a white background.




I think better work with image editor for puntual desings because it is hard to do with GG.

then embed the image and work with GG for dynamic parts

it is important to fix the image in screen. see definition of C D

range of numbers needs an arrangement

Files: foro.ggb

When you get past your initial diagram you might want to imbed your numbers in number lines and recognize this as composite functions. See for example in


You could maybe create a tool that draws a curved line and arrow. Then you can reuse the tool as many times as you want.

I have some arrow and measurement tools here:

But they are not elliptical.

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