Function() and Surface() commands with non rectangular domains

hjbortol shared this idea 3 years ago
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It seems Function() and Surface() only works in rectangular domain. It would be nice (specially for multivariate calculus students) to allow the use of functions to specify the definition of the domain, something like that:

Surface(f(u, v), g(u, v), h(u, v), v, p(u), q(u), u, uMin, uMax)

For instance:

Surface(u, v, u, v, u^2, 4, u, -2, 2)

Yes, I know that the use of "If()" command is a way to do what I want (Surface[u, v, If[u^2 <= v, v], v, -4, 4, u, -4, 4]), but this is not intuitive and my suggestion has the advantage of being quite similar to the study of integration domains that happen in multivariate calculus.

I think my suggestion is not hard to implement computationally ...

Thanks, in advance, Humberto.



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