From JS written on desctop/online to other options

nat ost shared this question 1 year ago
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Hi everyone!

I am new to programming with ggb/js.... I made some programming with JS inside GeoGebra program (online/on my desktop). Now I am willing to progress by ether creating a JS document outside GeoGebra or with html from a site. I would like to get some tips to help me get start with it.


I have read the instructions for embedding GeoGebra apps to a website

but apparently I miss a lot of knowledge to make it happen

Can I please see a html basic file to see what I am doing wrong?

2) I read some statement that I can make GeoGebra run my program by uploading JS file. Could not find any details on it. Could you please elaborate on it?

Again, my aim is to take what I have already written in GeoGebra using JS, and transmit it to a more convenient environment to work with (visual studio).Best Regards,


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