Fractions automatically reduced - how to disable?

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I am trying to create a simple dynamic number line for my 4th graders that can show both fractions and decimal numbers. I want them to be able to choose the divisor of the fraction display themselves.

I have created a slider (variable: Nævner) and a button that is connected to it. When the button is clicked it calls the javascript:


This is working beside one point. When the divisor is 10, it automatically reduces the expression for 2/10 to 1/5 for an example. I think this will confuse my pupils more than help them.

So my question is this: How do I disable automatic reduction of fractions when I display fractions on the x-axis?

I have attached the file. Be warned though it is in Danish.

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It is because unit is too small


Select xAxis, hold shift and drag to see 1/10...



Hi Jumera.

Thanks for trying to help

The problem is not that certain ticks on the xAxis do not have a label. I know a zoom, as you point out, can fix that.

My problem is that - as you can see in your second picture - the labels are:

1/10 --> 1/5 --> 3/10 --> 2/5 .... and so forth

Rather than:

1/10 --> 2/10 --> 3/10 --> 4/10 ... and so forth

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I think is not possible

only a sequence of text (Rami did several) can do it

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