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Lauren Dove shared this problem 2 years ago
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New user. Using Geogebra 6 for Mac. Can font sizes smaller than 12 pt be used? Alternatively, am I doing something wrong? - I can only manage to save what is able to fit within the visible area of the window. When I reduce the size and save, the text overlaps in places, but I cannot make the text smaller, or save everything if enlarged!

Thank you.

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I think that you should pin the text on the screen and assign to it an Absolute position, so when you pan or zoom, the text remains where you placed it.

You may specify the position of a text as absolute on screen or relative to the coordinate system on tab Basic of the 18px-Menu-options Properties Dialog.

About font dimension in texts objects, you can use the drop down window in the Properties dialog of the text to set its dimension, which is a percentage of the dimension of the font that you are using for the interface, or use LaTex to define its dimension more specifically.


This was helpful. Thank you Simona.

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