Fixed grid script

yuri1969 shared this question 6 years ago

Is there a command or script to enable / disable fixed to grid?

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The short answer: No in GGB-Script

But there exist different possibilities as workarounds:

If you have less (free) points (1 to 20) and there are not created by student -> ggb-script in OnUpdate (easy flexible)

with or without script-Lists (with: less to coding, less redundancy, less easy)

Alternative: Dynamic Coordinate[] (less easy, flexible, need more objects)

All other possibilities need more or less Javascript.


- modify the tag in euclidianView (Filename for save is loss)

- with register-method (not easy to make robust)

- automatic created/generated GGB-Scripts


- also for points created by students

- determined number of points and how much

- JS black box accepted

- must be possible to make changes on a easy way (what is probably changed)

When you specify more or when you send your file, I can create a sample


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