"File could not be found" when embedding the file in Canvas

Tracy Goering shared this question 4 years ago
Needs Answer

Some of my students are trying to embed a file (through

Canvas) and a few of them have had issues with the file not working. See the attached file for the error message “We

are sorry, but the file could not be found”.

I have made a FAQ document for the other errors (like the

constantly loading circle)…but I can’t figure out how to troubleshoot

this. FAQ (See the questions about embedding for what I have already troubleshooted)...https://docs.google.com/doc...

I have 60 projects due tonight at midnight

(Sunday Night)….and 60 more due this Thursday.

If anyone gets this email today, can you respond today with any

ideas on how to troubleshoot. If not,

can you respond soon so I can help my Thursday group?


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