Figura criada com ferramenta não funciona como a original

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Seguinte: crio uma figura, um triângulo isósceles, por exemplo, em que os "Objetos iniciais" são pontos livres e um terceiro ponto (o vértice oposto À base) desloca-se livremente. Mas quando crio a FERRAMENTA, o vértice oposto À base não se move mais. Isso ocorre com várias figuras que crio.

Anexei arquivo. vejam que na figura original todos os pontos podem ser movimentados, mas na figura criada com a ferramenta somente dois pontos funcionam livremente.

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Hi, sorry I don't speak Portuguese, so I'm writing in English.

In case you don't understand Google Translate will help ;)

The wiki page about custom tools appears not to be translated in Portuguese, so I link you the English page

where the behaviour of custom tools is explained as follow:

Outputs of the tool are not movable (i.e. you can't drag them with the mouse), even if they are defined as Point[<Path>]. In case you need movable output, you can define a list of commands and use it with Execute Command.

So you'll need to rework your construction using the Execute command, if you want the output point to be draggable.




Thank you very much! I will fix it.

It's really a pity that it is so complicated to make a MACRO in GEOGEBRA when it is too simpler in others softwares. Anyway in other aspects, Geogebra is far more superior, so....

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