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Needs Answer

1. Upgrade GeoGebra Calculator comparable to Mathematics Software like Mathematica, Maple, TI-Nspire etc.

2. Input and Output in Natural Display.

3.Add nSolve (Numerical Solver) and cSolve (Complex Solver) function to solve all equations and show all roots. (ex. sin(x)=0 -> x= n*pi, x^2+1=0 -> x=i, -i)

4.Add Unit Conversion and Scientific Constants.

5. Add Complex Number Calculation. (ex. sqrt(-1)=i, ln(-1)=pi*i)

6. Add Base Conversion. (Base 2 to 36) (Decimal representation included)

7.Use Various Variables to Calculation (ex. diff (x^a) -> a*x^(a-1))

8. Show Result in Accurate Value (asind(1) -> pi/2 rad)

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