Feature Request: Local Save Function

LP1756 shared this problem 2 years ago

I use GeoGebra Geometry locally -- I run the local app on my Mac and I prefer to save all files on my local disk drive. I understand you can save locally by using download as ... but I find it inconvenient and illogical. It would be great to have a real Save and Save As .. for local saves. One that works the same as all other apps I run on my Mac. One of the problems I find, for example, is that when I have a saved ggb file, I cannot double click to open the file in GeoGebra -- must first start GeoGebra and then import. I tried (on a Mac) to associate ggb files with the GeoGebra app and this will cause GeoGebra to start up when double clicking on a ggb file, but unfortunately the app doesn't get the message to actually open said file, you still have to click Open, then the file folder icon to start looking for the file you want to open.

This is my only complaint about a really great application, by the way. And something I could live without if there are higher priority requests for features.

Thanks to all who have put effort into this app. Keep up the good work.

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